EPSY 5092: Practicum


Date: Fall/Spring Semesters
From: Mary Sullivan, Instructor
Re: EPSY 5092: SEM Competencies

This memo has been prepared to acquaint students with the requirements of the course and to provide students with necessary documentation and evaluation information.

The Purpose of the Independent Study
This implementation project has been designed as a vehicle for ensuring that all students in the Teaching for Talent Development Program have mastered the teaching and administrative competencies necessary for implementing a successful SEM Program. Although students are required to be familiar with a variety of programming options in talent development, it is felt that those graduating from the TTD Program should have a thorough familiarity with the model and philosophy of the system developed here.

SEM Competencies
In order to acquaint you with the breadth of these skills we have prepared a list of “SEM Competencies.” Students should concentrate their course work on SEM skills they have not yet attempted. University regulations stipulate that a three credit graduate level independent study should involve 90-120 hours of study. Use this menu of options as a worksheet to note which required skills you have already mastered and which activities you have yet to accomplish. New activities must be your target skills for this Independent Study, and may include all activities begun during the current school year.

Step One—Make final decisions regarding your “Competencies Menu” choices for new competencies equaling 90-120 hours.

Step Two—Download and save Contract_for_Competencies (CCD) (Microsoft Word document) Form. Complete the pertinent information at the top of the Contract for Competencies Documentation. Open downloaded CCD form and type the list of competencies to be accomplished. List the alphabet letters and numbers from the Competencies Menu in Column One (Example: B-2) to indicate the activity. In Column Two, abbreviate the skill (Example: Prepare a Type I Interest Center). In Column Three, record the time allocation (Example:10 Hours). Make sure that the list equals at least 90 hours of work. Type your name and date, indicating these represent new skill. E-mail completed CCD form as an attachment back to Mary Sullivan via e-mail. She will promptly approve and/or give you feedback on your form.

Step Three—After you receive your approved Contract for Competencies Documentation you may begin accomplishing each activity on your Contract. Describe this activity in 2-4 sentences, on the Documentation of SEM Competencies form (see sample). Also indicate what you are including to document your completion of this activity. Complete one of these pages for each activity you plan to document. (Note: These forms may be copied, typewritten, completed by hand, or formatted and printed from your computer.)

Step Four—To complete your special topic, attach each activity’s documentation (a test, a photo, a lesson plan, newsletter, etc.) to its appropriate Documentation of SEM Competencies form. Put all cards in order as they appear on your skills list. Package them together in a notebook, scrapbook or container to form an organized portfolio of your Independent Study work. E-mail Mary Sullivan when you are ready to send your package no later than December 1 if you registered for this course in the preceding spring semester, or May 1 if you registered for this course in the preceding summer or fall semesters.

Evaluating Your Work
When we receive your package, each activity and its accompanying documentation will be evaluated and comments will be recorded on your documentation forms. A final grade will be recorded on your Competencies Contract, and we will return a copy of this form to you along with your product.

Files you may find helpful . . .

Scales for Rating the Behvioral Characteristics of Superior Students-II (Renzulli Hartman Rating Scales)

If I Ran the School

Mary Sullivan
email: mary.b.sullivan@uconn.edu

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