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Documentation of Triad/RDIM Competencies

Name: ___________________ Susie Smith ____________________ Date: _________ 9/20/84 _________ Skill Mastered __ (B-8) Interest Inventory Tally __ Required _____ X _____ Optional ________________ Description of Activity I Used to Prove My Skill:

I used the “If I Ran The School” inventory with 6 classrooms of 3-5th grade students at my school. I tallied each student’s ten choices and then made a list of the 24 most popular topics. I will use this list of 24 topics to plan our Type I’s for the year.

Description of the Accompanying Documentation:

I have attached the list of the 24 most popular topics. Our Type I Committee’s decisions about present coverage, and Type I vehicle are noted. This is my proof that I accomplished activity B-8.

Evaluator’s Comments:

3- I liked the tally sheet you devised!

Sample Documentation


Date: _____ Fall, 1984 _____ School: _______ Windham Center _______ Grades: _______ 3-5 _______

Type I Vehicle
Interest Topic # of Students Present Coverage Speaker Course Visit Print/Media/Center
Alcohol, Drugs 11 Little Type I X
Cartooning 21 Little Type I X
AnimalsX 18 Good – No Need
Chemistry 12 None Type I X
Robots 19 None Type I X
ComputersX 28 Good – No Need
Dance 18 None Type I X
Drawing 21 Some Type I X
Theatre Make-up 26 None Type I X
Typing 13 Some Type I X
Fashion Design 20 None Type I X
Horses 20 Little Type I X
Woodworking 12 None Type I X
Sign Language 12 None Type I X
Wildlife 10 Good Type I X
Artists 13 Some Type I X
Costume Design 10 None Type I X
Police Work 10 Little Type I X
Foriegn Language 12 Little Type I X
PoetryX 8 Good – No Need
Game Design 8 None Type I X
Playwriting 7 None Type I X
Outer Space 10 Some Type I X
Acting 10 Little Type I X