Master’s and Sixth-Year Full-Time Program

Gifted and Talented Education

Our program culminates in a Master of Arts degree or a Sixth-Year Diploma in Professional Education in Educational Psychology. The program is offered during the academic year. Students attend full time and complete all courses on the Storrs campus.

The Master of Arts program frequently leads to service as a teacher or enrichment specialist. The Sixth-Year Diploma program frequently leads to roles as administrators or curricular specialists in talent development or enrichment programs. These roles generally take place in public schools, or state and regional education agencies. The Master of Arts and Sixth-Year Diploma programs require a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework and also include a comprehensive exam.  Teachers from districts with pay scales that specifically target “30 credits beyond the Master’s” should consider the Sixth-Year option.

The courses deal with many aspects of gifted education, and students are encouraged to pursue topics of individual interests such as course projects or related readings. This program was designed to meet the needs of educators who wish to specialize in gifted education and emphasizes the following:

  • Professional growth and development through the cohort program comprised of high-energy, dedicated educators.
  • Professional development opportunities linked to school-based issues and concerns.
  • Strategy-based courses that apply high-end learning techniques to school improvement initiatives.
  • Continuous faculty-student communication, advisement, and mentoring via on-site conferences and e-mail correspondence.

Matrix of Core Courses in Gifted and Talented Education

Course Master’s & Sixth Year Full-Time
EPSY 5710 Introduction to Gifted Education and Talent Development *
EPSY 5720 Developing Schoolwide Enrichment Programs *
EPSY 5750 Enhancing Creativity in the Classroom *
EPSY 5780 Social and Emotional Components of Giftedness and Talent Development *
EPSY 5740 Strategies for Differentiating the Grade Level Curriculum *
EPSY 6770 Curricular Options for High Ability Learners
EPSY 5092 Practicum *
EPSY 5194 Seminar *

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