Master’s/Sixth-Year Plan of Study

Gifted and Talented Education

Plan of Study/Core Courses

A plan of study must be prepared, signed by the student and members of the advisory committee, and submitted to the graduate school for approval by the executive committee of the graduate faculty council when the student has completed not more than twelve credits of course work to be applied to the degree. Full-time students meet with their academic advisor during their first semester.

The courses below represent the core courses for each degree or diploma program. We consider students’ prior professional and educational experiences; therefore, there is flexibility in developing each person’s plan of study.

Core Courses (complete all seven) for Master’s or Sixth-Year in Educational Psychology with an Emphasis in Gifted and Talented Education

Required Courses
EPSY 5092 Practicum
EPSY 5194 Seminar
EPSY 5601 Principles and Methods in Educational Reseach
EPSY 5710 Introduction to Gifted Education and Talent Development
EPSY 5720 Developing Schoolwide Enrichment Programs
EPSY 5740 Strategies for Differentiating the Grade Level Curriculum
EPSY 5750 Enhancing Creativity in the Classroom

Electives Courses

You must take six to nine additional credits, six of which must be in gifted and talented education.

Academic Advisors: